Weekly Wrap Up 02/03/14

I’m a day behind with this.  I was just too busy yesterday to sit down and write about my week.  For the most part Monday – Thursday was my average week.  I did post a Transparent Tuesday post and plan on doing another one tomorrow.  Friday I traveled by to Boston for work.  I will most likely have to go into the office the last Friday of the month which is cool because I can make plans in Boston for after work.  I normally drive, but not knowing what the weather was going to be like I took the train with another coworker.  I normally go into Back Bay because my office is on the Orange line and leave from South Station because I can’t stand waiting around in the Back Bay station.  I hadn’t been to South Station since June (thanks Foursquare) and was greeted to this…


A little mini Tavern in the Square.  Now I have a place to grab a beer before I head home.

Saturday I went to yoga in the morning and to dinner at the New Haven Meatball House.  It was the last night for meatballs before they change their concept to a gastropub.  It was nice to have the meatballs for one last time, I was not impressed they wouldn’t let me order a side salad with 2 sliders.  Basically I got screwed for wanting to have two different meatballs instead of 2 of the same on one sandwich.  I did get to finally have the buffalo chicken meatball that I kept missing as a special and it was good.  But after this experience I’m not going to rush out and visit the new place.  As I said on Facebook, New Haven really doesn’t need another gastropub.

Sunday I was up at 5:30 am for some ungodly reason.  I knew I wanted to get up early to make it to the 7:30 am Flex class, but that was a little ridiculous.  During the class I tried to use my heart rate monitor to track my heart rate, but failed.  Runkeeper wanted a GPS signal to track my heart rate.  I need to look for another app that I can use when inside.  There might not be one out there.

This was the first Super Bowl that we did not host a party in about 7 years and was a welcomed break.  Instead I went to my local bar for a pot luck. It was nice to only cook two dishes, clean up after two dishes and not wake up to beer bottles from one end of my house to the other.  I watched very little of the game, but the company was great.  I would consider doing it again next year.  Here’s the line up of beers in the 4th quarter.


I had lots of good beer this week.  Some full glasses, some just tastes.  Best way to see what I had is to check out my profile on Untappd.

How was your week?  Did you do anything for the Super Bowl?

Transparent Tuesday

Today I’m linking up with Authentically Emmie for Transparent Tuesday. This is the day we show the side of our everyday lives that get’s lost in the shuffle of blogging about the stuff we really want to blog about.  I really like these posts because it shows we all human and lead normal lives. So, today I:

  • I had to force myself to get changed out of my pjs.  Notice the undone hair, no makeup and sweatshirt.


  • The sink still had dishes in it from yesterday till after lunch today.
  • I started writing out my list of what I need to bring to Boston on Friday. No I’m not obsessive or anything.
  • It was a struggle, but my work to do list is complete.  I’m not even thinking about my personal to do list.
  • Another trashy novel found it’s way onto my Nook.
  • My calendar has a 7:45 pm appointment for a class at the gym and I’ve decided it’s too freaking cold to go.  Plus the blower in my car does not work (long story).

I’d sum today up as a normal uneventful day in my life.  What does your #transparenttuesday look like?

Weekly Wrap Up 01/26/14

Another week flew by.  Nothing much exciting happened.  I kept up with my Pact.

pact week 2

I had pre-tracked my dinner today so I already hit that 1200 calorie goal for the day to count.  I guess tomorrow I find out how much I have earned.  While earning money is nice, the fact that I could lose money is more of a motivator.  Last night I said I had to make sure I went to the gym today or it would cost me $5.  Speaking of the going to the gym today, I took my first class that wasn’t yoga in years.  It was Edge Flex which can be described as circuit training.  Honestly it wasn’t that bad.  My ankle bothered me during the lunges, but not enough to stop doing it.  I had to take little breaks, but I did majority of the class.  I plan on going next Sunday too since I’m sure that will be a high calorie day.  My only concern is I really don’t know how much calories I’m really burning.  The Fitbit does not help with that.  I could wear my heart rate monitor, but it connects to my phone instead of a watch and I really don’t want to have to have my phone on me.  I’ll have to figure something out.  I do want to order pair of workout gloves though since no one really cleans the hand weights and bars after class.

Watching - 


This week I finished the first season of Revolution.  This was one of those shows that I wanted to watch when it first aired, but I just didn’t have time to commit to another show.  It is set in post-apocalyptic earth after a worldwide blackout.  I really liked the first season, but I kept thinking the smoke monster  a la Lost was going to make an appearance.  It also could be the show is a Bad Robot production and the actor that played Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) was in a few episodes.  Plus Elizabeth Mitchel (Juliet) has a major roll and Jeff Fahey (Frank Lapidus) was in an episode.

nj devils

Today I’m watching the Rangers vs. Devils at Yankee Stadium.  I would have really liked to have gone to this game, but I wouldn’t have lasted 15 minutes out in the cold.  The last time I went to an outdoor hockey game it took me days to warm up.  I’m much happier watching from my couch.  Let’s go Devils!

Drinking - 

I’ve really tried to cut down my beer consumption.  Beer and watching what you eat really don’t go well together.  My new rule is to go light (i.e. Mic Ultra at bowling) or plan out for something I’m really going to enjoy.  This week I had the opportunity to try some really great brews.

beers 012614

Stone Enjoy by 02/14/14 – 4 Stars – I love this series.  They all don’t come to CT so when one does I usually hunt it down.

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple – 4 Stars – Excellent brew.  It was the BFF’s and I helped him finish it.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA – 4 Stars – This was my first time having this one in the minute series.  It’s not my favorite, but still was really good.

5 Years

number 5

5 years ago yesterday I started out on an adventure.  Literally.  I got into my car with my brandy new GPS and drove to Cambridge, MA by myself for the first time.  Traffic was horrible and I was late for my first day of work, more so orientation.  If you had told me then 5 years later I would still be working for the same organization, I would have never believed you.  But here I am.

This is a milestone for me.  This is the longest I have stayed with one employer.  I think that is saying a lot in this day.  I enjoy what I do.  I get along with my co-workers.  This is not a job, but a career.  And that makes me happy.

I feel so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.  It’s nice to sit back and reflect on where I came from, where I am, and where I hope to go.  I always said I wanted to be a teleworker and I have been living that life for 5 years now.  I would say I have adjusted nicely.  There are times I do miss being in an office, but I don’t think I would give up starting my day in my pjs for that.  I go into the office when I can and that satisfies me.

Happy 5 year anniversary to me.  I hope there are many more.  Or at least till I hit the lottery.  :)

If Not Now Then When?

This is a very simple question I asked myself on January 3rd.  I was tired of limping.  I was tired of watching my once healthy habits go down the drain.  I was tired of being tired.  So like many others I said to myself I want to start new this new year.  2 weeks later I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made.  I have lost 6 pounds.  I go to the gym or be active 4 times a week.  I am making good choices when it comes to food and plan out what I’m having so I can keep within my calorie budget.  I have been using My Fitness Pal to track all my food, wearing my Fitbit and using Runkeeper to track my activity.  I’ve also been working on to listening to my body when it’s hungry and when it’s satisfied.  That means not eating just because it’s noon, or because I’m bored and stop eating when I feel full.

Last week I saw this blog post on My Fitness Pal for Pact.  They will give you $5 to start using the app.  In short you make a pact to how many times a week you will track your food, exercise or eat vegetables.  If you are going to make a pack to track your food, you need to link your MFP account with Pact.  For exercise you either need to link to an app like Runkeeper or check in when you are at the gym via the Pact app.  My first week look like this.

Pact Week 1

Having to spend $10 each day I don’t log my food is real motivation to make sure everything gets logged.  Pact counts your day as logged once you hit 1200 calories on MFP.  I was a little worried about how the gym pact would work so I kept it low, 2 days and $5 for each missed day.  I did not have a problem with the checking in at the gym or when I used the GPS on Runkeeper.  Next week I kept the 7 days @ $10 a day missed for food logging, but upped the gym 3 days @ $5 a missed day.  And you can take a break from Pact by changing the settings or it will renew every week.  For now this is motivation for me.  If my needs change in the future, then I will change my pacts.  

I’ve Never Liked the Number 13 Anyway

2013-4 change

I really do not like the fact that my 2013 defining moment is breaking my ankle.  It was a major life event and adjustments needed to be made.  I spent a good part of the year recovering.  I am still since I still walk with a limp at times.   It was the first time I had to use crutches, had real surgery, stitches and went to physical therapy.  But it also showed me that I can be strong even when my body is not.  In 2014 recovery will still be high on my to do list.  I have some “ankle fluff” that needs to be lost. I want to run again, which I medically can.  I just need to start training again. Then there may be a second surgery to remove the plate and some of the screws.

2013 did have some shining moments that I want to remember:

  • Finished my leadership program at work.
  • Made it through a lot of changes at work and was assigned to an awesome boss.
  • Was able to spend a lot of time in Boston and have some amazing adventures.
  • Drank some really good beers and finished The Outer Space’s 30 in 30 (drinking 30 different beers in 30 days).
  • Spent more time with my family in New Jersey and was able to go to Salem, MA with my sister and her family.
  • Went camping with friends.  Also had a trip to a haunted graveyard with them.
  • Witnessed the Red Sox win the World Series, again.
  • Watched friendships with new people grow and reconnected with ones that I’ve been lacking with.

So 2014 I am ready for you and what you have in store.  Let’s just agree to no more broken bones.

Day 17, 18 & 19 – Life with a Broken Ankle

Yeah, I’m behind on my daily posting.

Day 17 – Decided it was time to move my computer back into the office.  Plus I was getting tired of using my cell phone for conference calls as I’m sure others were too.  The work day went well.  Then my sinuses started bothering me.  I knew something was coming on.  Hobbling around on crutches with a headache is not a pleasant experience.

Day 18 – After a good night’s rest I felt better.  Another day working at the desk went fine.  I did take a break or 2 on the couch to stretch my ankle.  After work one of my friend’s invited Chris and I out for a beer at my favorite local craft beer bar – The Outer Space.  I was itching to get out of the house so how could I say no.  Plus they had a beer on tap that I really wanted to try.

NEBC Weiss Trash Culture


Wiess Trash Culture by New England Brewing Company.  It was deliciously lemony and sour.  Notice there is an empty glass behind it.  It was so good that I had a second.

Day 19 – The sinuses were back hurting in full force.  I had a miserable day.  Nothing seemed to work.  I was asleep by 8 pm.  But I still managed to get my stretching in.  I think my ankle is moving a little further and there was definitely improvement in the movement of my toes.  Every little bit helps.  My personal goal is to have a significant improvement in the movement of my ankle by the time I start physical therapy.


Day 15 & 16 – Life with a Broken Ankle

Day 15 not a great day.  I was in a bad mood and didn’t leave the couch much.  Leg was fine.  I knitted a lot and played video games.  Chris went and bought me Lego Star Wars which was nice of him.  Then I had a horrible night.  I think that’s enough said.

Day 16 did not start out great either.  I overslept.  I did not wake up till 9:30 am.  My first meeting was at 10 am.  Super.  Luckily it was with my boss and she was late too.  The rest morning flew by.  My goal was to have myself ready by 1:30 pm so when Chris came home to take me to my follow up appointment I would be ready to go.

My follow up appointment went much better than I thought.  I had prepared myself to be put in a cast for the next 6-8 weeks.  Instead while the doctor was taking out my stitches she the best words some in my situation can hear, “I think I’m going to put you in a boot.”  I know I must have given her a surprised look because she add that she wasn’t making any promises and it depends on the x-ray.  Speaking of x-ray…


Nice little picture of what the inside of my ankle looks like now.

The x-ray showed that everything is healing well.  The doctor prescribed that I be booted instead of casted. Yea!  I was fitted within minutes, given my instructions, tested hobbling around on crutches with it and given a follow up appointment for 4 weeks.  I have some simple stretching exercises to do daily when I take the boot off.  I can shower without the boot on. Yea again!  No pressure for three weeks and then it’s just 50%.  And I got the clearance to go to Boston in the middle of August for work.  I’d say it was a pretty good appointment.

My new accessory for at least the next 4 weeks.


The boot is heavier than the splint, but I feel more comfortable and supported in it.  I am so excited I can take it off.  She did mention I can sleep without it, but I’m such a restless sleeper that I’d be too worried about hurting myself.  Plus I have been getting up to go to the bathroom like every 2-3 hours anyway.  I’ll see how the first week goes and the re-evaluate the sleeping situation.  I still am sleeping on the couch.  Hopefully I will be back in bed soon.

Day 14 – Life with a Broken Ankle

As you can see, I decided to revive my blog and move my ankle posts over here.  I figured since I’m writing more than re-posting stuff that it made more sense to change formats.  I will use my Tumblr for what the title suggests, when 140 is not enough.  It took me majority of the morning cleaning everything up and I think the blog is good to go.

Today my friends were participating in one of those let’s throw color at the participants 5Ks.  While I was disappointed I couldn’t participate, I’m glad I had the excuse of the ankle since it was so hot out.  And I didn’t have to come home looking like this.


While he was gone, I managed to trip the circuit that has the air conditioner, toaster oven and Keurig on it.  Don’t worry I managed to move the Keurig to another outlet.  Yes that’s the regular coffee pot behind it.


Since I did not have work to fill my day, I’ve been watching bad movies on Chiller all day.  I started keeping a list of everything that I have watch since I’ve been laid up.   I many come around to posting it at some point, but they are tracked on GetGlue.  There are quite some gems on the list.

Day 12 & 13 – Life with a Broken Ankle

Day 12 was more of the same.  I did end up falling asleep in the middle of the day for about an hour and half.  I don’t remember falling asleep so I must have been that tired.

Day 13.  Oh glorious day 13.  The day started off pretty normal.  Then there was a Facebook post about Chris wanting a lobster roll and not knowing what “the injured” plans are.  Um I getting very stir crazy from sitting in the house and if he is willing to be seen in public with me, then I’m game to go out.  I was feeling really good and hadn’t taken pain meds since midnight.  Now is as good time as any to get my first public adventure over with.

So we decided that it was better to be on the senior citizen schedule and left the house at 4:30 pm.  Look at the excitement on my face.

We decided to go to Lenny and Joe’s because 1. they have the best lobster rolls, 2. the new location is close to home, and 3. they have a drive up area that he can leave me off at.

Everything went smoothly.  I was able to hobble around.  There was no wait.  The food was delicious.  And I got to have…

A BEER!  My first beer in 9 days.  If you had told me maybe even just 5 years ago I would be this excited to have a beer I would have told you that you were crazy.  It’s a Berkshire Brewing Company Gold Spike Ale, (a Kölsch – one of my favorite types of beer).

Then when we got home, I had another surprise waiting for me.  My Knit Picks order arrived a day early.  Now I can start Bigger on the Inside.

Today was a pretty good day.  I feel this is the start of me finding a new normal.  I did pay for my adventure with my leg swelling.  I blame the heat.  It’s fine now, but it was insanely uncomfortable for a good hour after I got home.


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